Blog Tour – The Second Cup by Sarah Marie Graye, Book Review!


I am back again today for another Blog Tour! This time is a review for The Second Cup by the lovely Sarah Marie Grace!

Before I get into to my thoughts, here is all the important information you need to know!

Title: The Second Cup

Author: Sarah Marie Graye

Book Link: Amazon



Would your life unravel if someone you knew committed suicide? Theirs did.

Faye’s heart still belongs to her first love, Jack. She knows he might have moved on, but when she decides to track him down, nothing prepares her for the news that he’s taken his own life. Faye is left wondering how to move forward, and whether or not Ethan will let her down again.

And when she tells her friends, the news ripples through their lives too.

Abbie finds herself questioning her marriage – and wondering if she was right to leave her first love behind. Poor Olivia is juggling her job and her boyfriend with supporting her friends and trying to deal with a death of her own. And Jack’s death has hit Beth the hardest – even though she never knew him. Is she about to take her own life too?

While the four friends take it in turns to explain what happens after Jack’s suicide, third-person flashbacks are skillfully interwoven to add a real richness and depth to this heart-wrenching story.

My Thoughts:

A few months back, I was so excited to receive a direct message from Sarah, asking if I would be willing to take part in her Blog Tour! I, of course, leaped at the chance.

This novel is told in the POVs of five characters, which I found very interesting, as this is something I haven’t come across in a very long time. Each chapter is a different character and Sarah does an excellent job of making this not confusing to the reader.

The story is incredibly deep. Full stop. Sarah does an excellent job of keeping this subject raw and heart-renching, whilst also being incredibly respectful and kind. Its definitely is a tough one to read, however Sarah is shedding a light on a subject that needs to continue to be talked about.

This is Sarah’s debut novel and it is written absolutely fantastically, which makes me so excited to see what is next for her!

I give The Second Cup 4 out of 5 stars!


Many thanks to Sarah (@SarahMarieGraye) and Rachel (@gilbster1000) for letting me take part in this tour!

Bye for now!



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